20 Jul 2008

Death of a Constitution

Desmond Allum, the President of the Criminal Bar Association, has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Geoffrey A Henderson, calling on him to conduct an investigation into whether former Attorney General John Jeremie attempted to pervert the course of public justice or misbehaved in public office arising out of his reported involvement in the re-purchase of land at Millennium Park owned by Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls.

I think I know now why Mark Mohammed was 'promoted' from being DPP to being a High Court Judge, and why Henderson was leapfrogged over the more senior (and capable) Rangee Dolsingh into the post. I guess when you want to bend and twist the constitution to your own ends, it pays to have friends in the right places, which is a trend I have been observing in Pa-trick for a long time. The problem is that he carries out his actions so sly that no one can see what he is up to, except when months have passed.

I have written over a year ago, about John Jeremie, and Shermie, and the dubious relationship that seem to exist between them. Today the Newsday reports that once again the Criminal Bar Association has again written to Henderson, the first time being in April 2007.

There will be no investigation. We all know this. Pa-trick will stonewall, smile that irritating smile and keep up his loving relationships with Martin Joseph, Tattoo, Mariano Browne and the likes... and nothing will ever come out of any calls for an investigation. Trinidadians are bleating in the wind.

As Trevor Paul once said, "If Manning say so, then it is so.” So we know who call the shots, even to the Commissioner of police.

The (Mustill) report also noted that in the wake of Mc Nicolls' refusal to testify in the collapsed criminal case against Sharma on March 5, 2007, Mc Nicolls' flawed legal explanation for his actions "seems to have originated with the Attorney General."

"The concept of the separation of powers seems to have been ignored...The picture is troubling indeed, both for the Tribunal and for the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago."

So, time and time again, various illuminated minds have seen the light so to speak, and recognised that there is collusion between Jeremie and McNicolls in some polluted dispensation of the law, no doubt driven by personal gain at the end; the constitution be damned for all it is worth.

What is the purpose of the constitution?
To ensure no despot -- whether that despot be a single dictator, an elite political pressure-group, or the befuddled democratic majority of the moment -- may usurp the powers of government, and turn its machinery upon its citizens, each and every aspect of government action is codified, and carried out, according to objectively defined laws. The supreme legal document of a proper society is the constitution -- a citizen's protection not only against private criminals, but public ones also.

Clearly we see then that in Trinidad we have no need for the old constitution, much less a new one. We might as well hand Pa-trick a crown.