7 Jul 2008

Useless sounds from Panday again

For all those blinded and myopic followers of the irrelevant, spent and highly unproductive Basdeo Panday, this current threat of suing the Speaker is certainly a clowning and historic moment in the history of political uselessness.

The island is in crisis. There are myriads of desperate issues facing the exhausted citizenry and he fusses and fumes in dying embers of the utmost minutiae.

Recently it was the “lapgate” affair. He, already struggling with forces of political impotence, gets kicked out of Parliament where little or nothing was being done anyway.

His sound and fury got him the headlines again. He is hoping that this will resurrect some glorious past and stories of fearless battles.

Now the poor man is threatening to raise the dead again all because he cannot get a free trip to a foreign state.

There is really only one question left for the slow-minded remnants of the Panday devotees: what has he done in recent years for the tax-paying citizenry who supports his lavish lifestyle?

Hell, if logic and rationality were prevailing forces both the UNC and the PNM would have been history, but twisted emotions and ethnic devotions sustain the continuing chaos. To be deemed pitiful, Panday, is really the bottom of the dignity barrel.

Robert R Mittoo

Via e-mail

Damn, finally a letter writer with sense.