30 Jul 2008

Mockery even by Monkey Island standards (or A cacahole to the core)

Time and time again Shermie McNicolls has proven himself to be the best ass in Trinidad; and that's a tall order in the company of Pa-trick, Panday, 'Lawsuit', Tattoo et al. A really tall order.

But today I think he put himself in the lead with no competitors in sight.

I've been following up on the killing of Joel Charles and just as I predicted, the two dunceys who shot into an unarmed crowd and killed Charles (who was sitting on a bench and eating a doubles at the time) have gotten off scot free.

To add insult to injury for the dead man and his relatives, Shermie's statements are insensitive, callous, and generally display the mindset of a man who is an out and out cacahole ass. And I make no apologies for that statement.

In announcing his decision, McNicolls advised citizens to stay out of the way of the police when they are performing their duties.

"This (case) should send a message to John Public to stay away and (that) they ought not to intervene when the police are doing their duty," the Chief Magistrate stated.

Charles, of Mon Repos, was killed on Good Friday in 2007 while he was sitting on a bench eating a doubles on a roadside.

Taylor testified that he then saw some flashes in the distance, and he fired twice in that direction.

Charles was killed by one of those shots, which hit him in the chest.

In his ruling, McNicolls said he found that the testimonies of the alleged eye-witnesses were manifestly unreliable, except for the testimony of 15-year-old Shanice Samuel, who was grazed by a bullet as she sat in her gallery that day.

McNicolls said he concluded that Samuel's "young mind was influenced by what she was hearing" and as a result could not rely of her evidence. He added that Taylor and Norton's testimonies were consistent with the statements they had given on the shooting.

John Public should not intervene when the dunceys are doing their duty? Fuck, what evidence is there that Charles intervened, you moron?? You total imbecile! The man was sitting eating a doubles for God's sake.

And that duncey cacahole who saw 'flashes in the distance' - his eyesight so good? What kinda flashes? He was close enough to hear gunshots accompanying the flashes? Was it a mirror flash, a car, louvres, a window? If it was in the distance, why the arse he shoot in the first place? He is Dirty Harry, or a trained sharp-shooter to hit anything in the distance? It had people in front of you, you jackass. That alone should have told you to just stay in your blasted vehicle and keep driving. Remember these two idiots were actually driving away when they stopped, reversed and confronted the crowd.

And cacahole ass Shermie thinks the 'young mind' of a 15 years old was 'influenced' by what she was hearing. What exactly was she hearing? Was she in court listening to other evidence? Why was that allowed? You telling me that 15 yrs old and the young lady don't know what she witnessed? Or is that only cacahole's Shermie's opinion?

Once again, just as in the Sat Sharma affair, Sherman McNicolls has taken it upon himself to influence the outcome of a trial, and made a mockery of the law, even by Monkey Island standards.

And our own partisan DPP will never appeal.