14 Jul 2008

"Everybody must be accountable"

Manning, in a 90-minute speech which for many traditional PNMites was akin to the kind of policy-shaping, prescriptive addresses for which the late Dr Eric Williams was known, unveiled "a completely new system of Government" involving major constitutional change.

He said the thread running throughout the working document was the principle of accountability.

"Everybody must be accountable... to somebody. Nobody must have absolute power," he said, noting that the document would propose that the President address the Parliament twice a year.

"One of the biggest mistakes we could make is to allow certain people to feel that they are above the law," Manning noted.

And in response I have:

  • Louis Lee Sing
  • Andre Monteil
  • Martin Joseph
  • Howard Chin Lee
  • Calder Hart
  • Ken Julien
  • All ministers who refuse to answer questions in Parliament

Need I go on?