8 Jul 2008


The Police Social and Welfare Association maintains it will not support the appointment of a foreign police commissioner.

“The process has ended, Mr (James) Philbert is now the acting commissioner, and we are in full support of him,” association president Cpl Emrol Bruce said yesterday.

“So, we still would not support a foreign commissioner, because we have the competence here. I think it is evident that we have the competence here.

Another duncey who can't see beyond the end of his nose. If we had the competence, do you think we would have one of the worst criminal rates in the world? Can we put a muzzle on this jackass?

In the meantime, Stephen Williams, the PSC's candidate for the post of Police Commissioner, seems to have been effectively muzzled. No surprise there.

On the other hand, this article clears up some confusion.