25 Jul 2008

Online services by January 2010

As a reminder to myself, I am keeping a track of this article and this statement:

The $110 million contract between the Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), Fujitsu and the Government to transform the Public Service by giving citizens access to more than 75 per cent of public services from the comfort of their homes has been signed.

Speaking last week, Public Administration Minister Kennedy Swaratsingh told the media the online services should be rolled out by January 2010. The services are expected to include online registration of births, applications for Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) numbers and making tax payments.

Galt explained yesterday that the contract is unlike most of the contracts awarded for the construction going on in and around Port of Spain because both TSTT and Fujitsu are 100 per cent responsible for the success of the project.

"This is a joint and several contract which means it has no prime and subcontractor. We are both responsible for the successful delivery of this and if something should happen say for example cost overrun then we would both be responsible."

"We could not do it without TSTT's services and skills and they could not do it without our services and skills."

With TSTT's record, I know this is going to fall through on promise, delivery and effectiveness. I'll be laughing my arse off eventually, but I want to hold on to this record, to see how the tune changes at the moment when they have to say all is not well. Let's see what inventive excuses they come up with, or what bold-faced lies they tell.