29 Jul 2008

Proliferation of dyslexia

A medical student with dyslexia is to take legal action in a bid to prevent the use of multiple choice exams as part of doctors' training.

Naomi Gadian, 21, claims the use of the tests discriminates against people with the condition and is challenging the General Medical Council to scrap them.

The second year student hopes medical schools may have to drop the exams if she wins at an employment tribunal.

The GMC says it has no powers to set medical examinations.

Ms Gadian claims that, as a professional body which awards qualifications, the GMC is discriminating against her on the grounds of disability.

She said: "In normal day life, you don't get given multiple choice questions to sit. Your patients aren't going to ask you 'here's an option and four answers. Which one is right?'"

Ms Gadian's university says it makes adjustments for those with dyslexia.

Some 10% of the population has some form of dyslexia, which affects reading and spelling.

I don't know if I'd be comfortable having a dyslexic doctor treating me, nah. Ah mean, who is to say she writing up de correct ting in meh notes. Next ting you know, de chile mix up de letters for meh diagnosis, or meh treatment and ah end up wid a disease named after me, or ah dead like semp.

And ah concerned too about the state of mind of this chile. Ah mean, this kinda dotish; to have a doctor this dotish treat me? And the article say dey does give dem dyslexics extra time for ah exam. I cyah agree wid dat. If you cyah do it, get into ah next field, learn to make furniture or something. Because if you cyah compete time-wise, you know meh sickness in the hospital ent giving you extra time to diagnose and treat meh.

Ah living here in England long time, and one ah the first thing ah realise when I started teaching here, (4 months after I get here) was how many of the students I teaching was lazy, lazy too bad. And dey have all kinda excuse for not wanting to try. Dyslexia is one ah dem excuse. England must be have more dyslexic people that the rest of Europe combined. Me, I think dey jess too damn lazy to try.