27 Jul 2008

Protecting your own

Can anyone really say that DPP Henderson is really impartial? In so far as I have been observing him since his appointment subsequent to Mark Mohammed's 'removal', I have found his actions to be suspiciously supportive of the ruling PNM.

I often wonder that after a short time, Mark Mohammed was 'promoted' from DPP to high court judge. Mark Mohammed was also a very impartial DPP, and did not hesitate to go head to head with Pa-trick, Panday or anyone who deserved a feel of the law.

Henderson is another kettle altogether. One blackened and full of holes, cause the soup - meat and all - to leak out.

Director of Public Prosecution Geoffrey Henderson sees no basis for an investigation into allegations about the involvement of former attorney general John Jeremie in the Home Construction Limited repurchase of land, owned by Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls.

President of the Criminal Bar Association Desmond Allum had written to Henderson asking for an investigation into possible criminal conduct committed by Jeremie. Jeremie is now T&T's High Commissioner to London.

On the face of it, a large percentage of the population views that land transaction with suspicion. I would like to see the entire fiasco unveiled, but there are others who seem intent on hiding the facts.

Maybe we will have to insist on a Commission of Enquiry to get at the truth, since an investigation seems to be out at this point.