5 Jul 2008

A selection for rejection

The world is a fascinating place. Did you know that one organisation can actually have sexual intercourse with itself in order to proliferate?

Case in point, the PNM.

In order to maintain mastery over the masses, and keep the opposition licking at its hind quarters, the PNM has run so many flip flops over the laws of Trinidad and Tobago that by now the front end is firmly embedded within the back end. In other words, we can no longer tell if its coming or going.

The PNM (and not the PSC) is in charge of the selection process for a new Commissioner of Police (ahem, dunceys). It mandated a new selection process to the PSC to remove the veto power of the prime minister, and so one Stephen Williams was chosen as the least dunce (and therefore most acceptable). However, the boss himself Pa-trick apparently wants a liar and a cheat as the next commissioner, and therefore the veto thing didn't work - his minions all rush to vote as he dictates.

The man who assumes the office of Police Commissioner today, James Philbert, came under heavy fire yesterday as allegations arose that he failed a lie detector test.

So convinced was he that Philbert failed a lie detector test, Maharaj said he was willing to put his reputation on the line by facing the privileges committee if his allegations were found to be false.

One wonder if it is because Philbert is partial to the idea of looking the other way - for a consideration of course, that the PNM is so keen to have him on board.

It's odd, (for the want of a better word) that no protest of a flawed process was made during the selection process itself. After all, this was fairly well publicised and I am sure Pa-trick and his bride Joseph had more than one finger in the inner workings of the process. Or maybe that's how they know its flawed? Because they tainted the process?

And yet, no sooner than a selection was made, Pa-trick cries foul and throws a little boy's tantrum. He doh like the result, so he ent playing. The process becomes flawed and the candidate formerly selected is now rejected.

Getting back to my point about playing footsie with the law: how the hell can Pa-trick have a prior meeting with Williams, Philbert, wifey Joseph and others before the official appointment? If not legally and procedurally incorrect, ethics and morals (so vaunted by the former president) was callously and bluntly shoved aside in this case. Power by any means...

Amidst the wrangling though, we have crime stepping up with the PNM, and the Opposition and Independents shining their arses in Parliament and collecting that fat paycheque regularly. I have to laugh - Dana Seetahal is a lawyer down to her sullied drawers. No comment from her unless she gets paid to write it in her Guardian column. By then the issues are several days old, have been replaced by newer issues and hardly noticeable.

The only person not afraid to dirty his hands appear to be Martin Daly and to a lesser extent Julien Kenny. Even Kenny was rather silent until the situation hit close to home - his daughter was a kidnap victim, thus loosening his tongue - or rather, his pen.

It's a Rastaman world we live in - 'I for I' indeed.