30 Jul 2008

Standing with John Public

The Ombudsman (Ombudswoman to be more accurate, I detest the PC that removes the proper titles and names) has been robbed.

I can't say I am sorry; I'd be lying, no matter how traumatic it was for the lady in question. I think this ought to happen to 'big-shots' more often, especially the big-shots of the government and higher public service. I make no apologies for that remark.

I think they need to stand in the shoes of John Public where crime is concerned and feel it a bit. Maybe then we can see some action being taken to alleviate the suffering that the population faces daily.

I have to question though, the need for an Ombudsman or Ombudswoman in Trinidad. S/he has no power beyond investigation into unfair treatment by public services and public servants, and even if fault is found, s/he can only refer to Parliament what s/he found. S/he is not authorised to force compliance, making this position another 'toothless' one.

In other words, they can shaft you before and after the Ombudsman/woman gets involved. And investigations by this department can take upwards of ten years!