18 Jul 2008

That flawed process

Consider the selection process for a new Commissioner of Police...

Imbert said the Government has arrived at a new policy position which authorise the private consulting firm that now assesses the applicants to do the "advertisements, assessments, recruitments."

Imbert said the 11 month period it took for the commencement of the selection process and the Police Service Commission to finally identify Senior Superintendent Stephen Williams as its nominee for the job was just too long.

Two weeks ago the Government MPs used its majority and voted against Williams' nomination saying that the new selection process was flawed.

"So the policy decision right now is to let the consultancy firm do everything and just present the list, the short list, the order of merit list to the Police Service Commission. We're also going to allow the Police Service Commission to have dialogue with the consulting firm during the process," Imbert said.

Hmm, isn't that exactly what happened last time? The firm did do everything (at a cost of $2.3 millions, mind you) and presented a short list was presented to the PSC. I wonder if that firm has PNM connections, to be leeching the Treasury so.

I guess what was left unsaid was the part 'a short list with the people we want'.

The really flawed process though, is the one in which this government was picked and the ministers selected (they were not elected by the people).