11 Jul 2008

Visas, balls and holes

Well, well, well,

In spite of all the posturing by Pa-trick and Tattoo and Browne, et al, the mighty is falling as fast as snowflakes vanishing in a Texan summer.


Security risks force visa requirement

Juhel Browne jbrowne@trinidadexpress.com

Friday, July 11th 2008

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith declared yesterday that nationals from Trinidad and Tobago are now among those from 11 countries who pose an illegal immigration, crime and security risk.

And unless that risk is significantly reduced within the next six months, for the first time ever all Trinidad and Tobago nationals visiting the United Kingdom will have to apply for a visa to make the trip.

This follows on the heels of Bush Jr. announcing that there will no longer be tax relief for Trinidad and Tobago exports to the USA. But you will expect a lot of repercussions to this new development.

First the Jamaicans came here and made a nuisance of themselves and gained a reputation as drug pushers and predators; they had to get a visa for some time now. Now Trinidad is following closely behind. But are we?

As a person who monitors the news daily, I have not seen many instances of Trinis running afoul of the law. But that does not mean it hasn't or isn't happening.

I do think though that this situation came about because Pa-trick and his cohorts (especially wifey Joseph) collectively have not enough balls to claim manhood and crime-free streets. Make no bones about this, this is a direct consequence from the reputation that Trinidad and Tobago gained in the international community as a result of crime running as free as... well, Tattoo's mouth.

I would bet my left nut though this still would not faze these idiots. Why? They have diplomatic passports and is the rest of us to ketch. Don't forget that the British also have plans to impose a penalty - sorry, 'deposit' at the Home Office for visitors to the UK. Add that to visa fees, high airfare, and you see Trinidadians will have to swim to England like Africans escaping their failed states. In other words, we become refugees because we can't afford to be visitors.

One letter writer to the Guardian says it well:

What amazes me is the way in which we just go about our lives here completely clueless: party, lime, cricket, football, Carnival etc. At least the other top ten countries have major social or economic issues to explain their current situation: apartheid repercussions, poverty, drug trade, civil wars and legacy of slavery.

What is our pathetic excuse? A corrupt and inept government? A greedy minority who maintains the status quo by manipulating the uneducated electorate to vote along racial lines like a bunch of Neanderthals while they siphon the Treasury?

The reasons for the high crime rate in T&T are all fixable. When are we going to grow up? When is the media in this country going to appreciate their role in a democratic society and do some investigative reporting, and not just ask unimportant questions at press conferences?

We are number nine in the world, people, wake up.

Kevin Mack, via e-mail

I guess I should stop ranting; Trinis like it so, because they taking it up the nether hole from Pa-trick for years.