30 Aug 2008

Another example: how to screw the British

And in a shining example of how the benefits system is abused in Britain, one Abu Quatada who is actually convicted of terror attacks and bomb plots is living in an £800,000 rented house (rent will be paid by the benefits agencies) and receives £50,000 a year in benefits, because he has a 'bad' back.

That's him carrying the knapsack and shopping bags.

Britain can't get rid of him because they say his human rights will be breached if he is deported back to Jordan. So taxpayers support a terrorist in fine style.

Compare that with my neighbour who was just made redundant, and with a wife and 3 month old baby he receives less than £100 a week for all three to live on, from which he is expected to buy food, clothing, pay his gas and electricity bills (which increased by 40% this year). And he is British white too, eh.