25 Aug 2008

Escaping the floods

Trinidad is under severe floods. There is one way to escape; take a jet to the air, escape the floods on the ground.


Maco said...


Is it me, or is your contact link not working?

Anyway this is no so much a comment on your entry.

Wanted to invite you to our forum
www.detrinidadian.com and contribute on some of the Political and Social threads... if you have time...


Crankyputz said...

Scary, hope your family is safe.

Captain Walker said...

A wonder if i's jes me, buh ain't it a bit strange dat in a country whey dey have severe flooding every year, dey have desalination plants - and dey want to spen' more money on such plants?

And in a country whey Tom, Dick and Harrilal ketchin dey backside fuh semi-decent healthcare, dem fellas flying rong in jet and splashin' out in big mansion and t'ing?

Yuh know, it is quite interesting. We doh hear no PNM-ites out here on Jumbie's blog. Ah know what - ah go arks a dotish question. Whey all dee PNM-ites hangin' out boy? Ah want tuh infiltrate dey forums and gih dem a piece o' meh mind.

Jumbie help meh dey tah - or anybody else who know whey dee PNM supporters hang on dee internet, show meh dee way. Ah goin' fuh dem!

Jumbie said...

Maco, my contact link is working but you can email me in future at silkcottonjumbie at googlemail.com.

CP, My family lives on a big hill, so they are okay.

Captain, I've often wondered that myself. With the exception of a few relatives of those who came out the wrong end of some news story, I've not had much people trying to cry down my blog.

It's as though people don't care any more. As I said, in a land of blind, you can't sell mirrors.

Jumbie said...

Scary, hope your family is safe.