29 Aug 2008


Living in England for the past 6 years has exposed me to a lot of new stuff I probably would not have had opportunity to explore if I had remained in Trinidad. Knowing my insatiable curiosity though, I might have wondered about some of them, but perhaps funding to explore ideas would have been limited. The Trinidadian exchange rate is a real deterrent in buying books or DVDs, even Internet is rather poor in Trinidad. I would miss what I have in England if I had to move back to Trinidad.

I have had the fortunate chance to be able to afford a few books and DVDs by Michael Moore. Now, I know he is controversial and his Oscar acceptance speech for 'Bowling for Columbine' was rather unacceptable for a lot of people (listen to the boos in the background).

So far, I have seen, and own, several of his books and movies, and whether controversial or not, they are always engrossing. At the moment, I am reading Stupid White Men, an earlier book of his.

And if you have not seen the documentary Sicko then I have an advantage over you. It is without doubt an eye-opening look at the American rip-off system aka health care system and how it stacks up against most countries' health care. might be a good idea to use the film to compare the Trinidadian system to the UK's or France's at the same time.

My new slant is to expand my horizons, so I am moving slightly away from commenting on the crap taking place in Trinidad and Tobago and airing my views on the greater variety of things that interest me. That does not mean I will allow idiocies in the news to escape my attention.