18 Aug 2008

A few lessons learnt

While going about my household chores over the past few days, I had a few thoughts that made me realise that with age, wisdom comes. I don't mean the soul-bursting nova like Buddha's enlightenment - more like some lessons I've garnered through experience over the years.

I learnt never to shave with cheap products, either electric or manual.

Cheap products (not only shaving stuff) are mostly a waste of money, and the really pricey ones don't do a better job as a medium priced one. So... save your money and buy economically. Balance quality with expense.

Learn to cook. You will never starve. Also learn to wash and iron your clothing.

Mind your own business. Many a time I've been taken up with work and neglected to take time off to pay a bill, or visit a doctor. The repercussions are many-fold down the line. Mind your business first, then employers' and friends'.

Polish your shoes when you go out. Learn to tie a tie. Drink and eat to moderation.

Hug those you love. Read more, especially books on self-help and finance.

Learn financial management. Learn to make and use a budget. Buy essentials - needs before wants.

Don't fear change. Look at new careers. You might find one you like better and pays better.