24 Aug 2008

Freedom of choice

Not content with just singing, he then proceeded to give a sermon to the children on the story of Genesis, telling them about Lucifer who had argued with God, claiming that to give men their free will is to give them the opportunity to use their freedom against his teachings.

The 'he' mentioned in the above quote is Pastor Pa-trick, really shaking and baking in the Faith Centre in San Fernando.

Now, I am not a man to deny another man his religion, especially when he needs all the saving he can get.

But I am looking at the little part that says to give men free will is to give them freedom against 'his' teachings. I know the 'his' refers to God, but hey, what if it doesn't? What if it refers to Pa-trick? What if this is a secret truth?

Could this be a clever way to say that a dictatorship is better for us all? That we can't be given free will in fear we will make the wrong choices? That we can't make choices for ourselves?

I am not sure I like the thinking of the PM. It smacks of dictatorship in the making. But I cannot sell mirrors in the land of the blind, and those who are unable to see will just have to pay the price - high as it is.