2 Aug 2008

Insidious sneaky sly underhanded

"The proposals announced by Mr Manning at the PNM Annual Convention relating to judicial administration were very backward because they involved the subjugation of court administration to a politician in the form of a Minister of Justice," Daly said.

"I am very concerned about the subjugation of judicial administration. That is very backward." In light of these proposals, Daly said there was a clear need for more consultation with the Prime Minister's constitutional round table and the Judiciary.

There is an insidious, sneaky, sly, underhanded attack on the Judiciary, the Constitution and the freedoms of the people of Trinidad and Tobago being carried out by one man. It's not Pa-nday, and his entire agenda is not yet revealed, only that he wants to acquire more power. Like a tin God, you know?

Not many people are seeing this attack, as I was pointing out to someone this morning. The fact that since 2002 to now, accountability in Government matters has been eroded on the sly to a point where it can now be done so boldfaced without protest speaks volumes. 

No longer can we acquire information through the Freedom of Information Act, or have transparency in the Integrity Commission, accountability in Government business... the list is ever expanding. Not even a murmur of protest though.

But now the pace is stepping up. A new constitution seem to be the most important agenda at the moment. And it is still secretive.

Not only is the agenda secretive, it is also at the request of one man.

...members of the constitutional round table which has been appointed to discuss constitutional reform said what goes into any working document will be completely up to the Prime Minister.

Not everyone agrees with the changes though.

"Everything is being changed all the time. It will be a year or two before anything is taken seriously, much less become law, and there will be many changes as a result of discussions and consultations."

One member was of the clear view that the JLSC, regarded by some as too secret, should remain independent and that there is nothing wrong with its current operations. The JLSC is charged with the appointing, promoting and disciplining of judicial officers.

I find it very strange that the AG and CJ (both having proven themselves more closely allied with the will of the PNM and the Prime Minister than to the proper administration of justice) are in secret talks. What are they hiding? I can also assume that it is to find a workable solution to muzzle the judiciary.

Kenneth Lalla SC, a retired chairman of the Public Service Commission, yesterday described moves to review the administration of the JLSC and other service commissions as being an attempt to remove constitutional constraints from the Executive.

"There is a pervasive obsession on the part of politicians and their inherent dislike of independent bodies. Politicians have a predisposition of removing all constitutional restraints on their powers," he said.

Yep, the people are still too blind to see.