20 Aug 2008

Jackass, the series. Now playing near you

In a country where idiots abound as plentiful as bamboo (aka 'donkey') grass, I can't really understand why so many of our politicians are competing to be first-past-the-post for the title of the biggest idiot of Trinidad and Tobago. Aside from lacking shame, and possessing skin like crapaud leather (where insults actually rebound and not just trickle off), they compete with such ferocity for first place in the idiot race with the ferocity of the animals in the jungle. Survival of the stupidest?

At various times, we have Pa-trick, Tattoo, Neil Parsanlal, and others shoving and pushing each other to be top jackass. At the moment though, Jerry Narace is in front and holding on to a respectable lead. Who is Jerry Narace? The minister of health (lower case letters indicate a marked lack of respect).

Narace publicly claims that Trinidad has no cases of dengue fever.

Narace said that as far as he is aware, there were no "confirmed deaths" from dengue to date, and he stressed that there is no dengue outbreak in the country. "I am maintaining that there is no outbreak of dengue, based on the definition, based on the number of confirmed cases and based on my technical team's information."

So getting into the semantics trap, Jackass # 1 is basing his response on a 'definition'. That's fine - except - a 'lowly' road worker has shown Narace to be the leading liar/jackass.

Gloria Bickram said the claim by Health Minister Jerry Narace yesterday that her daughter did not die from dengue" could not be true, because this is what the blood test result showed, and this is what is on the death certificate".

The death certificate, certified by an R Parag, gave Sasha's cause of death as "acute bleeding, dengue" and "sickle thalesemmie (sic)".

Instead of facing the oncoming crisis (yes, it is a crisis when you have 120+ confirmed diagnosis, even if the death is only one; dengue spreads),the ministry of health, and Donkey Grays decide it is better to hide and obfuscate and dodge and duck and run...

But as we all know, 'yuh could duck and run but yuh cyah hide'.

Would we see Narace shunning the spotlight for fear of embarrassment? I doubt it; he hasn't the intelligence to realise he was shamed before the entire country, and thanks to electronic media, almost the entire world.

Of course, there is a possibility he is just using the wrong advisers. Maybe he needs a nubile young 24 years old adviser like Conrad Enill - he seems to be wise enough to take a back seat.