1 Aug 2008

A long shot that paid off

Yesterday I had a most pleasant surprise.

I got in contact with another old friend whom I had not heard from in over 10 years.

This friend lives in South Yorkshire, and we were pen pals from way back when, since the time I lived in Trinidad. We lost touch, but since I came to England I tried sending mail to her address several times. They all came back stamped as 'Addressee Unknown' or something like that.

Last week, I emailed a reporter from one of the newspapers in that area, and I asked his assistance in tracking down my friend.

Yesterday she emailed me.

It seems that the reporter printed a notice about me wanting to get in contact, along with my email address, and it was seen by my friend's brother-in-law. He called her husband, who told her; she went out and bought the newspaper, then emailed me.

Just for the record, she hadn't moved, so I am still baffled why several letters failed to reach her.

A long shot that paid off. I am grateful to the reporter who cared enough to print that notice. Many thanks, dude.