27 Aug 2008

Manning a basketball league

Since Brian Manning received a whopping $9 millions to form a basketball league, we haven't heard what use that money is/was used for - though rumour has it (from a personal high placed government source to the Jumbie) that some gambling debts (and a 'hit' for previous non-payment) were cleared shortly after.

Still, I ask where that money is accounted, (and Monteil's $110M which I have not forgotten about either) since Manning Jr is allegedly involved with the same old basketball league, the National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago (NBFTT).

I am all for helping family, especially if they have a death threat hanging over their heads. But that help (financial or otherwise) should come from personal resources, not from the public purse. Yet, Pa-trick and his little gang - well, big gang - of brown-nosers are using the national treasury with the same casualness as the wallets in the back pockets. More so in fact.

It's been almost a year since money went to Brian Manning and Monteil, and despite calls for openness and clarity, nothing has been done. No surprise there, we are still waiting on clarity from UDECOTT, UTT, National Lotteries Board, etc etc etc.