5 Aug 2008

Religious intolerance

It is incidents like this that make me realise the intolerance of the people in Trinidad and Tobago for each other that will never allow true 'One Love' and peace.

For many years I wondered why some people think and act as if their religion is superior to others. While the majority of people are happy enough to continue believing in their God(s) and going about their lives in peace and harmony, we always have the few who are intolerant and who are intent to promote discord. Frankly, I bet if we could look inside their heads and hearts we'd find that they are not so religious after all.

Oddly enough, the more nefarious acts come from the so-called Muslim converts, the Negroes who convert. And other deviant behaviour comes from the 'Born-again Christians'. If anyone has seen Buddhists behave this way, a hue and cry would be raised, and yet we view the behaviour of these cretins without comment, as if it is acceptable. Or maybe we accept it through fear. Either way, it is still intolerable and should be nipped in the bud.

But with Pa-trick having close personal ties with Abu Bakr and community leaders (both groups having more than their fair share of the deviants I mentioned) a blind eye will be turned. Or maybe the dunceys will be following orders - or maybe they are just scared shitless to do anything about it.

Either way, expect the religious intolerance to continue.