27 Aug 2008

A small fish in a smaller pond

It amuses me, and embarrasses me when Trinidadians with so-called intelligence talk "ah set ah dotishness".

The latest (besides Gary Hunt claiming that Trinidad is responsible for the success of athletes at the Olympics) is Wendell Manwarren who claims that UK police could take a few lessons from the Trinidadian dunceys.

Responding to questions posed by a British reporter, Manwarren described the police presence at Notting Hill Carnival as "overwhelming and oppressive."

He was speaking at a Poison UK press conference, hosted at the T&T High Commission in London, to officially launch tonight's Carnival concert, featuring Machel Montano at the Forum in Kentish Town.

Making reference to the unobtrusive, yet effective policing at T&T's Carnival, the rapso artiste said while British police must maintain a presence it should not be heavy-handed or oppressive.

Close to 5,000 police officers are expected to be on duty in and around the parade route on Sunday, while this number would increase to 5,700 on Monday when the Parade of Bands would be held through the streets of Notting Hill. Teams of officers are to be located on every street.

Far be it for me to point out that Trinidad carnivals do not have 'effective policing' and that every time any significant incidents occur in Trinidad, the UK is the first place the authorities run to for police to aid in investigations.

I've been to a couple of carnival shows here, and other street parades, and the high police presence is a boon to those who want an incident free enjoyment. It is preventative and cautionary, and for Trinidadian  dunceys might even be visionary.

No wining up on police here either. The dunceys in Trinidad don't understand professionalism.

Manwarren is a small fish in a smaller pond. Maybe he should observe the UK lifestyle and experience the safety of the carnival before opening his gob.