2 Aug 2008

Thinking outside the box

Every so often you hear people saying things like, "Think outside the box", "Don't be ordinary" etc.

Here's an example puzzle of thinking outside the box:

A very rich man had 2 sons, and he was undecided which one to leave his fortune to. He thought about it, and called them to him, telling them that he decided to have a race. He'd give his fortune to the one who could race his (the son's) favourite horse to a distant city and come in last. Of course, since he also did not want a prolonged race, he also wanted the race to finish as soon as possible. So of course, he had to impose another condition.

The question in this case was, how could he get the sons to have a real race and not dawdle in order to come in last?


PS   I did not make this up, and I have no control over the improbabilities of this situation. I am merely relating this as I heard it.