9 Sept 2008

And yet another muzzle added

The regulations, issued by Health Minister Jerry Narace on May 12, banned RHA employees from commenting on national issues; from contributing to or editing newspapers; or from taking part in lectures that could be inconsistent with government policy. The regulations also give the Health Minister the final say in the handling of disciplinary appeals

On Friday, the Government defeated a motion filed by Caroni East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh in Parliament that attempted to have the regulations rescinded. A similar motion in the Senate is also likely to be defeated as one independent senator is already of the view that the regulations, as they stand, should be allowed to come into effect.

Retired head of the Public Service Commission Kenneth Lalla SC also criticised one aspect of the regulations as being “contrary to the principles of justice.”

He said the requirement that the Minister would have the final say in the appeals process was a clear violation of due process.

“The mere fact that you appoint a minister as the person to whom the final appeal will be determined is substantial. On this instance the politically-appointed minister is actually going to be administering justice when he has political biases,” Lalla warned.

“Clearly, in my view, that would be contrary to the principles of justice that is really a violation of the principles of justice.”

Clearly another attempt to muzzle outspoken doctors who alert the public of the government's constant jackass performance. Curious too that it follows Dr Steve Smith's lambasting of idiot minister Jerry Narace, in the dengue issue.

Persad-Bissessar noted because the penalties for any breaches of the regulations included dismissal, suspension, reduction in renumeration and being fined, and because the regulations said the decision of the Minister was final in the disciplinary process, the regulations were depriving the individual of the right of access to the court and to the enjoyment of property. Express editorial.

Now outspoken doctors such as Anand Chattergoon, Steve Smith, Courtney Bartholomew, and even the sister of the Prime minister Dr Petronella Manning are effectively silenced.

Once more we are seeing how this government is riding a course of secrecy, underhandedness, and pure corruption. It dominates by clever application of MIGHT and STEALTH.

I've also commented on the 'independence' of the Independent Senators, and I bet the lone one who agrees with these regulations is also the same one who was protesting so vigorously a short while ago.