28 Sept 2008


What, you might ask, is Bloatware?

Bloatware, for a brief description, is software whose size is so damn huge, you why the hell anyone would want the damn thing installed in a PC.

I always browse the 'net for good software, especially free software. (^_^)

But lately, I've been dumbstruck, to say the least, at the size that known software has bloated to.

I still run Windows XP (and Suse Linux 11) on my desktop and Vista Ultimate (an upgrade) on my laptop.

Starting with the laptop - my Vista installation together with Office 2007 came in at a whopping 20 Gigs!! No other software, mind you. WTF?

On my desktop, a 2.8GHz hyper-threading enabled system with 500 GB hard drive space and 2 GB DDR memory, I have XP and Linux. XP is stripped down to 262 MB, and complete install of all software rounded out at 14 Gigs. And that's inclusive of Dreamweaver, Corel software, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

But to see Adobe Reader at 35 MB, Nero 7 or 8 at 185 MB (nearly 2 GB installed), Roxio Media Creator at nearly 2.5 gigs (before installation) I am wondering what madness is this going on. Apple's QuickTime went up to 35 Mb or so, Office 2007 to 2 Gigs installed, and even AVG rounded out at nearly 40 MB.

What about people who can't afford to upgrade hardware to run the bloatware? I guess they will be like me, and have to stick to using the now unsupported older software.