4 Sept 2008

A first look at Chrome

Okay, I have a plus and a minus about Chrome, the Google browser.

I don't mind (much) my bookmarks are compressed in the side panel under one link that opens up.


But darn it, where the hell is my home page????? Is it too much to ask for a link to show me where to load the Google search engine?

Look, I am a loyal Google fan, and I like the products. But if I can't load the Google search engine as my home page, I am doomed to typing, or re-visiting the 'most visited' pages over and over. I need to search for new things sometimes.

And don't tell me type in the address bar. Typing 'jumbie' takes me straight to Jumbie's Watch. No other reference.

And that 'most visited' thingamabob is an invasion of privacy to say the least. It may even border on breaking the Data Protection Act in the UK, since in any Internet cafe or business, the second user can have full access to what the first user viewed.

Come on Google, get your act up and running. The browser's nice, speedy, clean interface... but some of us have been spoilt by convenience.