1 Sept 2008

Murderous duncey II

Considering that all the news reports of this killing deemed it a love triangle, an affair, etc, does this indicate a lack of seriousness in pursuing the matter with haste and urgency to the bitter end?

Meanwhile, an official from the public relations department of the Police Service said yesterday the facts surrounding this incident suggested that it was a domestic affair gone sour.

To me, the words reek of casual dismissal and a 'doh-kay-damn' attitude, a shoulder shrug that really signifies the Trinidad attitude like no other. An excuse not to follow this with the vigour and honesty that is required, a pitiful forerunner of the final outcome where the duncey walks.

Visitors to the islands remark on the casualness and idyllic nature of the lifestyle. They just don't know how far that rot pervades everything.