2 Sept 2008

Murderous duncey III

Since the dunceys prevented the residents of the area from commenting on the shooting of Pastor Brian Pierre, we will never have the truth emerging. Since there is no publicity from the statements of witnesses, any such statements will be quietly hushed, suppressed or changed accordingly.

Just take a look at this article in the Guardian.

Colleagues of the acting inspector are dismayed over the incident. They described the acting inspector—a senior executive member of the Police Social and Welfare Association—as a "dedicated man who fought for the rights of police officers." One colleague said next month he would have served 28 years in the Police Service.

Shortly after he allegedly shot the pastor, police said the suspect went to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mt Hope, to seek medical attention for a knee injury. His colleagues arrested him at the hospital just after 5 PM on Sunday, and said he appeared "delirious."

Now, I am already (a mere 2 days after the incident) seeing the pattern that will allow this duncey to escape the full brunt of the law.

Even his own colleagues who arrested him are giving statements to his mental state, even before a trial. At a trial therefore, they will naturally testify that he wasn't sane or some other such excuse.

This is like Lara lining up a shot, boy. We go see some things in this case that will make Shazard Mohammed and Joel Charles look like amateur play. Mark my words. We ent see nothing yet, and Henderson and Shermie ent even involved yet.