1 Sept 2008

Murderous duncey

Once again, we have a duncey going on a rampage and wiping out another poor soul. Now, this one might be hard to defend, since he fired 7 shots at close range into a man driving away from him (according to the story).

Pierre was allegedly shot seven times by the senior police officer, who moments before had dragged a female colleague out of Pierre's car on La Chance Lane in Malabar, Arima, around 2.45 p.m.

Funny thing about this story - the woman the duncey shot Pierre over was described as a 'colleague', not as a spouse. Which means he was either married and horning his wife, or that she (the colleague) was having an affair  with the duncey.

Pierre was described as married, and he was either horning his wife (he was a preacher too, eh) or assisting this woman to get away from the ignorant duncey. But two newspapers describe this as a 'love triangle' gone sour.

Anyway, said senior duncey is an executive member of the Police Welfare Association, the bunch of incompetents who protect the more dotish from the folly of their mistakes.

Asked for a comment, Cpl Bruce said investigations were ongoing and he had no comment to make. Residents at La Chance Trace also refused to comment saying they were cautioned by investigating officers to remain silent.

As hard as this one looks to defend, I still have doubts of a conviction, since Shermie and Volney (among others) have proven to be surprisingly creative in letting dunceys escape accountability. The italics in the last quote suggest to me the cover-up started already.