14 Sept 2008

Political Woes

Now that we know the CoE into UDeCOTT is a full year away, Calder Hart is taking advantage of the 'slackness' and making a full cake to eat.

National Insurance Board (NIB) chairman Calder Hart has instructed the board to invest US$73 million in Udecott, where he is the executive chairman.

And Hart also has instructed the NIB board to invest a further TT$100 million in the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The orders were given last Wednesday, and Hart bypassed the NIB's investment committee, which would normally have a say where the funds of pension contributors were invested.

This is according to Roodal Moonilal.

Frankly, it won't surprise me if these allegations were true, as Hart is Pa-trick's golden boy. Uthara Rao once held that position (along with several parts of women's anatomies), but it seems that he has since been shunted aside. Maybe we ought to be grateful that Hart is raping the treasury and not the women?

The question that comes to mind on investing in UDeCOTT though is whether UDeCOTT is a profit making company and whether NIB's investment will bring forth any returns beneficial to that agency or the country as a whole? Or just Hart, and the alleged 60% Pa-trick collects.

Time will tell. in the meantime, Trinis continue allowing Pa-trick to stuff them up the nether hole. That motion of no confidence was an ignorant and infantile approach. Well, maybe the infantile opposition saw something in it; I see them as bending over and offering Pa-trick manna from heaven once again.

Why, you ask?

Pa-trick has a majority in Parliament and would have won on votes. Even people who disagree with him, like Rowley, preferred to stay away rather than vote against him (teamwork, eh!).

After having a conversation with a friend who says it is important that the man on the street realise that it is important the public knows that Pa-trick is not leading correctly (for the want of a better word), I have to disagree.

The man on the street usually doesn't care 2 hoots what going on in the government. They too busy ducking from bullets, and government robbers. Also other robbers.

So that this no confidence thing was just another way for the Opposition to embarrass themselves. Yeah, that hard to do, crapaud leather skin and all that... As I see it, they wasted 12 hours in Parliament that could have been used for more beneficial purposes.