8 Sept 2008

The postman delivers

As I have said many a time, despite the dotishness I see every day in the news, I am sure to be surprised once in a while by something that is unbelievable.

Case in point: TTPOST is "to bring the postal services in St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada into the 21st century".

Now, my gripe about this is similar to Pa-trick sending money to Jamaica et all to help with flood damage, when Trinidad itself is inundated by waters and no help is forthcoming from the Government.

TTPOST was well managed a few years ago when it was created and cared for by foreigners. Then the government took over and it began an inexorable slide downhill, like the mud from that volcano in Piparo. And of course, the "tiefing" of items in the mail restarted.

When I lived in Trinidad, the "postie" (mailman or mailwoman) passed daily, delivering mail faithfully. Even at 2:00 PM, in the blistering heat, they went out and did their jobs.

Now, in my village, they pass once per week, sometimes once in 2 weeks. Can you imagine a business receiving important mail so irregularly and trying to stay afloat?

As with all things, the government seems intent to take Trinidad backward to 1920, and call it Vision 2020.

So for these countries to give a mandate to a most inefficiently managed service is a reflection on just how broke, or desperate (or both) they are. Then again, these may be the same countries that want to join in Pa-trick's "coalition of the willing" so the Father of the Nation could mind them.