9 Sept 2008

Talk done, time for action

I think it is worthy that I reprint this article for posterity. In case I lose the link, or the newspaper deletes it (as sometimes mysteriously happens) I am reprinting it here for the record, and for noting.

ACTING Police Commissioner James Philbert yesterday assured members of the public that they will be seeing results shortly, as police embark on an aggressive action plan aimed at arresting crime.

He also assured that the time for talk has ended and the time for action is now.

“Special committees will be formed within the police service to ensure certain policies to deal with crime, the traffic problem and fostering a partnership with members of the public are put in place with immediate effect.”

Philbert made these comments to Newsday at the end of a three-day retreat at the Grafton Beach Resort in Tobago. He said the retreat proved to be a major success and all officers in attendance benefited.

“We are now a stronger team, we are going forward with certain reforms and we are committed to bringing an end to crime and restore peace to the country,” said the acting Commissioner.

He added that during the retreat, special emphasis was placed on how police conduct their business, and it was decided that certain changes are needed.

He added that the drive to foster a greater partnership with members of the public was also discussed. He said that starting from today the committees to ensure that certain much needed measures are put in place will be set up.

He pleaded with members of the public to also do their part as the Police Service embarks on a strategy to reclaim Trinidad and Tobago from the hands of criminal elements.

The italics are mine, by the way.