30 Oct 2008

The jinx

I like this letter to the Guardian:

I sincerely apologise for the delays in the PTSC service to Arima from City Gate. It is my fault, I have jinxed it. I say this because it seems that every other time I wish to use the bus service, it is late by 30-60 minutes.

I apologise to everyone who was standing in line on October 21 from 7.15 like me and had to wait until 8 am. I regret that schoolchildren and the working population were late for their respective duties.

I feel great sorrow that the very old and very young had to stand in line for 45 minutes and for those who could not leave because they had already bought tickets and didn’t have extra money to pay the maxi fare.

Don’t be mad at the customer service representatives for not announcing, neither through the intercom nor by face-to-face interaction, the delay. I’m sure they knew that it was my fault and they were protecting me from the frustrations of my fellow “liners” (especially the hulking guy behind me who kept steupsing every five minutes).

To prevent such happenings again, I will try my utmost to stay away from that bus service. I hope it helps.

Josie Leid

Via e-mail