15 Oct 2008

King for a day

On the face of it, the offer by car dealers to provide 200 vehicles -luxury ones at that - to the Government for next year's Fifth Summit of the Americas 2009 and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference seems to be a win-win situation for both the Government and the car dealers.

Car dealers propose they be allowed to bring in the vehicles sans taxes, and the Government gets to use the vehicles free (or leased if it prefers). After use, the vehicles return to the dealers for sale.

Now, I am not a mind reader, nor a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist... but I have an inner gut feeling that this offer will be turned down. And the reason will not be anything to do with the government losing taxes etc.

No. If Pa-trick takes up this offer, he will not be showing how much money he can spend to 'big up' himself, and therefore he will not look as big as he wants to be.

As one reader of the Express put it, we have a Prime Minister playing postman, delivering mail around the Caribbean. Now he is a salesman trying to sell oil and gas to energy companies in Europe.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of days gone by eons ago, when the jester was allowed to play King for a day. The only result of that was the people laughed all the harder when the jester mocked the King.