18 Oct 2008

More random thoughts

We're on par for the amount of murders predicted for the year 2008, if the present trend continues. Yesterday the murder toll rose to 431. And it's not even the end of October. Diwali isn't even here yet.

The government is as effective as using water to blot out an ink stain, and the police dunceys even less so. With them is like trying to blow dry the ink stain in wind, hoping to get it out.

Without a doubt, the last 20 years have seen successive commissioners of police getting regressively worse at the job, culminating with the present useless title holder.

After seeing in the news how many whiskey bottles were at his official residence, I have begun to see him in the same light as that whiskey. His selection was like taking a drink - makes you feel good after a while, but too much and you begin to feel nauseous. A bit more and you puke or piss or shit yourself.

And moving on...

Imbert said, during the post-Cabinet news conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence and Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s yesterday (that) while Parliament has penalties of reprimand, censure, suspension and expulsion for members who abuse privilege, “the rules have not really been enforced.”

“There needs to be a review of the penalties for the abuse of privilege but more importantly there needs to be proper enforcement of the rules of Parliament.”

He is right of course, even if inadvertently.

I have seen better behaved children in a playground, whereas we have so called big men and women who profess to be 'intellectuals' and yet have no broughtupsy or manners.

A Speaker clearly biased with (the authority of) a limp noodle trying to manage a Parliament that has ignorant jackasses passing as Parliamentarians... but there I go again, insulting the good name of the jackass.

And the soldier who bounced down another fellow soldier who was changing a tire at the roadside is claiming amnesia. It's a ploy that may well work. I knew a fellow responsible for a horrible smashup (while drunk) on Mosquito Creek some years ago who faked the amnesia (snippets of conversations overheard verified this, but obviously not when there were police or other authority around). No charges were preferred against him. That smashup had actually left a dear friend of mine ripped in half, with legs and pelvis found some metres away from the head and torso. She had just finished writing A levels, the August vacation not yet over and results not in yet.

I suppose things aren't as bad as could be. The football team won against the USA on the road to the World Cup so there will be celebrating (mostly by one ethnic group who can't see forward beyond the next fete) and thus hope rises. A false hope as the Soca Warriors win will have no direct bearing on the health system, the economy, the Manning executive presidency or even whether Robbie lives or dies in St Clair.