25 Oct 2008

Out with a bang

Francis Joseph writes in the Guardian about unsolved crimes in Trinidad and Tobago. Today he writes about WPC Bernadette James who was killed in a police training exercise 16 years ago.


Just take a look at the illustration on this page. Woman Police Constable Bernadette James is sitting in the middle of a police bus.

The bus is filled with police officers on an anti-terrorist exercise at Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas, on October 2, 1987.

The bus is attacked by terrorists and in descending on the bus, shots were fired. Somehow, a live round mysteriously entered the chamber of a policeman's gun outside the bus.

That live round reportedly went through the front glass of the bus, bypassed everyone sitting in the front of the vehicle, and struck James in her chest.

The T&T Guardian learnt that the woman was on duty at Piarco International Airport when it is believed that she witnessed a deal with high-ranking government officials.

According to sources, James entered a room at Piarco and saw then Attorney General Selwyn Richardson and another official in a questionable transaction with other persons.

Coincidentally, Abu Bakr has alleged that Selwyn Richardson and Herbert Atwell were involved in the drug trade. Herbert Atwell is now well paid government advisor, and the duncey who shot WPC James is now a senior security officer for the Prime minister.

Does anyone recall Selwyn Richardson was assassinated in front of his home? Rumours had it that a drug deal went sour, but I could be remembering wrongly.