30 Oct 2008

The plea unheard

Do you think Pa-trick will listen to this plea?:

Mr PM, please save dying child

On Friday night, I just managed to catch the tail-end of a news item in which Ian Alleyne was making a heartfelt appeal for donations to help fund a critical, emergency operation for a sick child. I didn't get the child's name, but that's not important here.

He mentioned that $1.2 million was needed and they had raised just over $600,000. He was begging the public to continue to donate since his appeal for help to the Minister of Health had fallen on deaf ears. The child's situation has become critical and the money was needed urgently to save her.

It is a gross obscenity that in a country of plenty, where the Government talks blithely about spending billions of dollars of our money on non-essential projects, where $400 million can be set aside for the purchase of a private jet for the Prime Minister, where millions can be given to other countries (including the US) for "relief" without even being asked, where $200 million can be spent on luxury vehicles for friends and supporters (after they are supposedly bought for useless summits and conferences) (the list is endless), the Prime Minister cannot find it in his Christian heart to give $.6 million of our money to save a child's life.

Mr PM, on behalf of the citizens of this country, I beseech you to release the required funds immediately to save this child. I guarantee that you will earn much needed karma points.

For the future, and to help other deserving cases, I suggest you put the $400 million that was given to Caribbean Airlines to purchase the Bombardier jet into an account that earns at least ten per cent interest an annum. Every year, the interest alone could fund 80-200 cases that need between $200,000 and $500,000 each. It is that easy to be a saviour!

Noel Kalicharan

UWI, St Augustine