27 Oct 2008

The power of prayer

Last night I prayed. Seriously. Atheist, infidel, non-believer that I am, I prayed. It's funny how it happened though.

Some time ago, a friend visited Trinidad and he brought me back an aloe plant. I stuck it in a pot, and as green fingered as I am, it soon grew to rather large proportions. And had a few offshoots crowding it in the pot.

So I transplanted them into smaller pots, and put one outside my door, in the ground. Even with winter coming on, in temperatures that drop to 5°C, it endures.

So last night, sincerely believing that this aloe is as close to God-like as one can get, I prayed to it.

Now, I am not one to pray for health for all the sick, money for the poor, food for the hungry, for criminals to become good people etc. As Pa-trick and his Christian friends are already doing so, I thought I'd be wasting my time.

Instead I prayed that Pa-trick and friends, including Martin Joseph, and James 'Jimmy Swaggart' Philbert would be less dotish. As a prayer, I sincerely believe my aloe plant could grant that, if it so inclined. Prayer is a 'yes', 'no' or 'wait' thing, as everything is based on the whim of this aloe.

I went a step further though. I fed it, giving it a mixture of plant food and water to pacify it and bring it to thinking about my prayer in a favourable manner.

Of course, not having much experience in prayer, I had a backup plan. I also prayed that if Aloe couldn't make them less dotish, then could s/he remove them from their posts and let the rest of the country get on with living?