22 Oct 2008

Random thoughts

Since Pa-trick touts at every opportunity how Christian he is, I wonder how he feels when the entire nation, Caribbean, and world catches him lying. Does he feel shame? Embarrassment?

Okay, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Pa-trick might not have known about the facts before he spouted off. Right?

Wrong. This is a man who has his tabs on each and every member of his party. And well, he keeps tabs on the Opposition too as Kamla can attest to.

So really and truly, he has proven himself in the past to know about everything that goes on around him.

After "three months into the job and 173 murders since his appointment", the best Philbert can do to alleviate the crime situation is beg criminals to change. Curiouser and curiouser.

Yesterday's murder count was 441, not counting the missing and presumed killed, and unidentified murder victims in morgues across the country.

So, once again they're hiding the true figures, like last year, and their 8% crime solve rate.

Philbert said the recent murders and sex attacks on tourists in Tobago and Antigua were inspired by economic activity "which brings financial gains to them".

What a revelation! Did Philbert realise this on his own? Or was it pointed out by Pa-trick's special bride in disguise?

Ian Collier, president of the chamber (Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce), commended Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert's attempt to increase the amount of uniformed police officers in public sight, but stated that sadly, this "does not appear to have been sustained".

The truth is, every day that passes without resolution of this crime serves only to reinforce the feeling - nationally as well as internationally - that the detection capability of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service remains alarmingly low whatever the size of the terrain to be covered and the resources at its disposal.

Express Editorial

As part of ongoing operations, Philbert said police officers continuously conduct a series of road exercises throughout T&T.

Describing this plan as "forward thinking," Philbert said his officers were devoting time and energy in curbing day-to-day issues affecting the country.

Seems to me this is the ONLY thing the dunceys have to fight crime. Road blocks. Forward thinking that has been going on for more than 50 years. Other than setting up road blocks after a crime is committed, the dunceys have little else to offer. They can't detect after the act, they can't get there before or during the act.

Well, it occurred to me I might be mistaken. I forget they could beat a confession out of a man overnight. And frame him. Oh, and murder him if he ent cooperate.

You know, I am really curious to have a look at Philbert's CV. Anyone else interested? Would I find 3 'O' levels there?