9 Oct 2008

Shameless and brainless


Governments are elected to serve the people, to administrate the state's business on behalf of the population that elected them.

Not in Trinidad and Tobago. Here we have governments who are elected and selected serving themselves, filtering tax dollars into their own pockets and into the pockets of their friends and family... cronyism and graft running side by side like two railway tracks.

But imagine, in a country that boasts of being the richest in the Caribbean (and certainly one of the richest in the entire South American land mass), they have a main street in the main city (town really) flooding every time rain falls. I wonder to myself if Pa-trick fooling me; that the tall buildings aren't a sign of impotence but a smart move to escape rising flood waters.

In the meantime, people dying, and the grieving never seems to end.

Malini Persad

I wonder whether the people are so apathetic as to not care one whit either way, or that they are so numbed that they cannot fight for a necessary change?

I don't want to see Trinidad and Tobago becoming a place where there is riots and civil unrest, but sometimes I think that may be the only way to achieve the impossible - get rid of the old and wasteful and bring in the new and functional.