28 Oct 2008

Those fat cats at the public utilities

I am linking to this photo on Wudescene's blog, as she provides some excellent pictures from the newspapers that I don't have access to i.e. the hard copies.

I just have to ask the question; looking at all those WASA, T&TEC, TSTT ads, how come all the employees are only of one race?

It's not my imagination. And if it wasn't for that fellah in the middle, I woulda say they paying them too well (we know what their salaries are like!) because I find dem fellahs looking a lil too well padded round the middle. Not enough wuk, all things considering these are the fellahs doing the physical 'bull' wuk out in the field so to speak.

Anyway, when I left Trinidad the public utilities were family run businesses; anyone know if this is still the case?