24 Oct 2008

What goes on behind the scenes

Some readers may be missing a little behind the scenes activity going on in my post on Shameless and Brainless, and The mind reader in me.

I now have a critic in the form of one Trini Patriot who sees me as treasonous to say the least.

Now, I am not saying this here to embarrass the man/woman. I am simply pointing out what other readers may be missing. A blog is not a private thing... it is private only in the sense that it is MY blog, and only I get to determine what is said here. However, when I publish my thoughts, they are no longer private.

That being said, I welcome other opinions, but I exercise my right as the owner of the blog to make your opinions known. You give up the right to remain inconspicuous if you post a comment on this forum.

To my other readers, do feel free to read and voice your own opinions.