8 Oct 2008

What I am thinking now

Attorney General Bridgid Annisette-George says the police have the capability to investigate themselves with respect to police killings.

"I would want to say that the national community would have seen evidence that the Police Service is capable of investigating allegations made against their own," Annisette-George said.

She pointed out that this was seen a couple of weeks ago, when a police officer was held and charged with the murder of a pastor and also when a police officer was held and charged with the murder of an individual at a Carnival fete several years ago.

Well, I ent as bad as Imbert-cile to call this woman dotish, but I have to confess - I am thinking it.

She claims that the duncey police can investigate their own from two incidents in a few decades? Somehow that sounding to me like ah fluke, one ah dem lucky shot that happen by miracle - like a man getting hit by lightening twice - while he sitting inside a cinema.

What about all dem other investigations that show otherwise? Lemme call some names... Shazard Mohammed, Sheldon Des Vignes, Tota-Maharaj, Joel Charles, Simon Khan, Mustapha 'Taliban' Edwards, Hansraj Harripersad and the list goes on... and on... and on...

A proper investigation might be to find out just how we got saddled with a weak-minded AG.