25 Nov 2008


After receiving several emails recently, I can only conclude that people I know have little respect for me; or very little intelligence. I’m more inclined to go with the latter.

I received several emails from persons I know very well. In each of these emails, my email address is there in the ‘To:’ field, along with a couple of dozen others. Aside from the fact that it’s just plain lazy to forward emails, no one seems to think about privacy. It’s odd that the same people won’t give your address and phone number to the others on the list but have no hesitation when it comes to copying your email address to all.

Is this because electronic communication is intangible? I’ve tried in the past replying to all (‘Reply All’ function) and citing personal details of the one sending the offensive email. Guess what? That didn’t faze the culprits one bit though I did get complaints from a couple others in the list.

Get this: my email address is MY address, and I am the one who decides who and when it should be shared. Your lack of etiquette I consider an extension to the poor manners you learnt while growing up, but I respect you for showing the world just how stupid you are – you can’t help it and there is no reason you should hide it. It will be revealed anyway.

But I do wish that you should hide my email address by using the ‘BCC:’ field instead of the ‘To:’ field.

If you cannot get this subtle hint, your friends and work colleagues may find out embarrassing details about you, and I have to say, you may take offence. Turn about is fair play though because I take great offence to my email address being bandied about so casually.