4 Nov 2008

Beating up on the small man

Hmm, Pa-trick seems to take criticisms personally.

The incident happened on October 25. Sources said Manning was at his barber's shop in San Fernando, when he heard the announcers complaining about the hike in premium gasoline.

The announcers said Manning wanted to increase the price of premium gas to pay for the two international summits to be held in T&T next year.

The announcers also slammed Manning for wanting to encourage people to use CNG in their cars. They said there were certain risks associated with CNG gas tanks in the trunk of cars.

Manning, sources said, then raced to Port-of-Spain with his security detail, went into the radio station and asked to see the manager. No senior people were present. He got a phone number for Haynes and complained about the comments made on the newscast.

The two broadcasters were then suspended.

Reminds me of the time he set his sights, and legal team, on the old Trini Outlaw website, forcing it to close.

I'd better muzzle myself, lest he train his guns on me, eh?