11 Nov 2008

Bitching about baths

Okay, today I am blogging about a weird topic. Weird as in 'not normally spoken about in polite company'.

Travelling home from  the city centre on a bus a few minutes ago, I unfortunately chose a seat next to a young man (age about 20 years). As soon as I sat down however, I rethought my action; I had to move.

Because this young man, personal pride apparently missing, was totally and unmistakably absolutely reeking. You may think I am exaggerating. I am not.

This youth was so 'renk' as we say in Trinidad, I almost puked. He had a smell that was a mixture of stale sweat and stale crap. Reminded me of a similar youth I was managing some years ago, and other employees refused to work with him. I had to call that one into a management meeting and tell him either he showered EVERY morning before coming to work, or I would have to fire him. Turns out he had a bath once per week on weekends.

I cannot understand the concept of having a bath once per week. Imagine gathering dirt, sweat, dust etc for a week and then sitting in a bathtub of water with all of that skimming the surface of the water, then settling back upon you as you pull the plug or stand up. That's just vile.

I guess coming from a Caribbean background, where we sweat every day from the heat, I just take it for granted that 2 showers a day is normal. In the meantime, I have to hold my nose and walk around.