28 Nov 2008

Bovine Intelligence

The tap of dotishness among PNM ministers runneth over. Standing head and shoulders above the rest, despite his vertically challenged stature, is none other than Tattoo!

Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says Prime Minister Patrick Manning has "broken no law" by being transported in a Mercedes Benz S500, bearing the coat of arms on the licence plate.

A silver coat of arms, which has traditionally been reserved for vehicles used by the Office of the President, has replaced the licence plates of the Mercedes Benz used by Manning, which originally carried the licence plate PBM 1.

When first asked about the Express reports, Imbert quipped, "You're talking about an inanimate object breaking the law?"

Ah yes, an inanimate object, similar to the ones that see drivers being charged for odd tints, odd number plates, odd headlights/fog lights etc etc.

In all those cases the police charge the driver of the vehicles.

Using the bovine reasoning of Tattoo, who is incidentally the Minister of Works and Transport and under whose watch this falls under, then the police have no right to be charging people for these things. After all, the tints etc did not break the law. How can a ticket or fine be issued?

Tattoo baffles me. How is it a man can publicly display that level of dotishness?

I have a possible answer though. I think his head is shoved up so far up Papa-tricks arse that he can't see anything else but the need to keep licking.

By the way, the Bikini Lady not too far behind. When she says that public servants salaries will not be touched what she really means is that public servants salaries cannot be touched.

In 1986 when the NAR reduced pubic sector salaries by 10%, the Government was forced to pay massive arrears when the courts ruled that public sector salaries reductions was illegal. It is also part of the terms and conditions of employment for incremental increases every year.

The resultant build up of arrears was so much that the Government could not pay it back and had to resort to other means of working off the debt, including leave in lieu of... Come to think of it, I still have not received mine.