15 Nov 2008

Celebration - win a £1000 ring

card front



card back


This is the front and back of the entry postcard (6" X 4") for a competition at the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

This year, when setting up the Christmas lights, there was a deliberate error in one. Competitors have to enter the address (street name and at which shop the light with the error is located) to win a diamond ring worth £1000.

That's not the big news though. The big news is that the card design chosen was from the one and only - Punks!**

So now her card is used by the thousands (I hope) for people to enter this draw. She is even acknowledged as the designer on the back view.

** Real name still intact but hidden for privacy and to avoid possible shyness.

I can just see CP and Wudescene wanting entry forms. (^_^)