27 Nov 2008

Criminal suspect?

Big headline in the newspapers today: PM'S CAR UNDER PROBE.

It seems Papa-tricks is riding around in a car without a number plate. Instead he has a coat of arms screwed on where the registration number ought to be. I can add also in place of a brain but that might be putting too much value on the metal.


'Jimmy Swaggart' Philbert admits that the coat of arms is illegal. Granted, Papa-tricks did not install it on the car himself, but he is ultimately the passenger in the back seat being ferried around. So a few questions popped into my head in this scenario.

If I am a businessman being taken around by a chauffeur in a company car - let's pretend I am Laurence Duprey or Sir Alan Sugar in the UK, or Donald Trump in the USA.

If my car had illegal number plates it would be stopped and a ticket or two might ensue... if not to the owner, then certainly to the driver who is behind the wheel at the time.

I wonder then why Papa-tricks driver has not yet been stopped and ticketed. Especially considering that the law is clear - and also clear that the car has no insurance coverage.

I remember too that there are police duncey outriders for this car; they too are complicit in breaking the law. I don't have much expectations here; they are, after all - dunceys.

Yet another example where PNM might and Papa-tricks bully the law into pulling its tail between its legs and run yelping into a corner.